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Dermatoglyphic analysis is based on the formation and amount of ridges on the fingerprints where each finger is said to represent a different ability, and each pattern has its own definition. Dermatoglyphic experts say fingerprints start developing in fetuses from 14-24 weeks with the brain pattern growing simultaneously. They categorize it into three main types whorls-shaped, arch-shaped, and loop-shaped which are further subdivided into 11 basic types based on which One's inborn positives and limitations are derived. Fingerprints of all the fingers of a person are taken followed by manual counting of ridges and then a detailed analysis is done. According to dermatoglyphic experts, thumbprint tells about action and execution; index finger logic and creativity; middle finger limb motor ability and art appreciation; ring power of voice recognition; little finger text image discerning. Based on the assessment, parents are given a report which includes positives and limitations, perspective and reflex sensitivity, innate personalities and characteristics like IQ, EQ, preferred learning style, and career options.